We are a small agency created in 2016.  


After months of researching, tool reviews, market demand inquiry and the best optimization strategies in digital designs, we finally saw a big enough market to introduce our services to.  With that being said, we were able to identify gaps in other companies designs, we have a much better understanding of trends that are set and our designs features 2016 content which makes it absolutely unique and fresh!  


Care Creations CEO and Founder, Werner Smit, is a young and creative mind on its own!  Experimenting and spending countless hours perfecting the art of being different and standing out in a huge market, makes our designs not only unique,  but they are created with love and fiery passion for what we do!  We actually get the fact that your designs reflect who you are and feature the face of your business/website at entry level.  That is why it is crucial for a design to stand out from the rest and to fully utilize the opportunities and technology available.  


We hope that your stay and journey with us will be a kind one!  We don’t mind to go the extra mile, therefore we try and expand our offerings and products as much as possible and would love to get your feedback/suggestions!  


After all…we are people pleasers!  




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